There is flooding in to Lake Eyre on the way. I will be operating a boat safari during this time of flooding and navigatable water. Please Enquire via email. There may be a delay of a week or 2 due to a recent death in the family. Replies will be answered in order of enquiry. All things being equal, prices for Safari will be closer to real world cost of hosting this type of safari.

Please enquire for this once in a lifetime opportunity via email.

Keep checking this website for further updates





With the excellent January rains in Western Queensland and North Eastern South Australia, there is a good possibility that there will be navigable water running down the Warburton River to Lake Eyre. Water is running into Lake Eyre currently, from ‘local’ or South Australian rain. If there is additional rain in Queensland, the fact that the North East of South Australia is a ‘ sponge’, means that any Queensland water will run down to Lake Eyre a lot quicker. If and when this happens, I will list Boat safari departures on this website. Those that phone first [ not email ] will have first preference. Participants must be relatively fit and healthy



As in the past wet years, I have often operated trips on the Diamantina or Georgina Rivers above Birdsville, early in the new year. This is before floodwaters have filled Goyders Lagoon swamp, and moved on down the Warburton, if in fact they get that far. This would be in Febuary or March [ When, surprisingly, the coolest place to be in this country is on one of these boat safaris.] This may be possible in the near future.

Warburton River
Boat Party


Upper Diamantina (QLD)not operating this year

Warburton River (lower Diamantina) 12 day trips to Lake Eyre Safaris operating from early May

We rarely know if these are possible until larger than usual monsoonal rains fall in the catchments (Dec - Mar) - in particular the Diamantha, Georgina and Cooper Rivers. Where shorter rivers are concerned, it is sometimes heavy isolated falls that precipitate a flow. If interested in these itineraries, we suggest firstly phoning, or secondly emailing, if interested in participating.
Contrary to popular belief, summer boat itineraries have many advantages over winter ones. If navigable water is going to be available, we will post an amended itinerary.